Yap Me. Say what?

A few years ago a couple of buddies of mine, Igor and Victor Jablakov, decided that they could make a cool voice-to-text mobile phone internet gateway. Of course, I chuckled and said; good luck with that. Well, to my delight they’ve succeeded (I should have known since Igor’s background is in Voice Recognition at IBM). A few short weeks ago they were on the stage at TechCrunch 2004 and showed their stuff. So far, the feedback has been outstanding. I think everyone is falling over them selfs for this stuff.

So, what can a speech gateway do? Well, a few applications could be; text messaging, blogging, updating twitter, searching for a restaurant, etc… all via your voice. This sounds a lot better to me so I’m not stuck messing around with T9. Ugh. Check it out at YapMe.com.

Also, make sure to check out their demo; very cool.