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On Thursday November 1st, 2007 we (Morehead) will be hosting a Webinar on Using Morehead’s Hosted Solution to Enhance the value of your Employee Opinion Survey. Here, we will be talking extensively about Morehead’s technology and our Managed Services Platform. Here’s a summary overview of what we’ll be discussing;
Extensive research has shown that while Employee Engagement and Commitment are linked to organizational performance and even specific business outcomes, the measures do not solve all of the challenges facing HR executives today, who increasingly require/demand evidenced-based solutions.

In this presentation, we illuminate, using data from the nation’s leading healthcare organizations, Morehead will illustrate the added value that can be derived from an employee opinion data when the right models, analytics and hosted solutions are employed.


  • Know where and how to drive change
  • Know which groups are vulnerable to turnover or unionization
  • Know how to better align people with desired business outcomes
  • Know what drives accreditations and awards
  • Know how to improve the retention of key talent
  • Know how to elevate the importance of human capital issues with organizational leaders

After this presentation, you will know how to deliver evidence-based solutions to senior leaders by integrating a robust empirical model and Morehead’s Hosted Solution into your employee opinion survey.

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Taleo’s Acrobats – HR Technology 2007 Continued

The second day or the HR Technology conference in Chicago brought an interesting addition to my understanding of HR and Technology conferences. Taleo decided, in order to gain attention (which succeeded) that they’d hire a couple of acrobats to perform moves that make most of us cringe. To that end, their booth was SWAMPED most of the day. The attention that received was overwhelming.

All I have to say is “brilliant”.

Taleo’s Booth Picture 2 Picture 3