Introduction to Machine Learning

Continuing my long held interest in Machine Learning, I came across a great lectuire by Eric Xing, of Carnegie Mellon University, in which he provides the most clearest definition of Machine Learning, in my opinion, yet:

Machine Learning seeks to develop therios and computer systems for

  • representing;
  • classifying, clustering and recognizing;
  • reasoning under uncertainty;
  • predicting;
  • and reacting to

complex, real world data, based on the system’s own experience with data, and (hopefully) under a unified model or mathmatical framework, that

  • can be formally charcterized and analyzed
  • can take into account human prior knowledge
  • can generalize and adapt across data and domains
  • can operate automatically and autonomously
  • and can be interpreted and perceived by [a] human

You can view his leacture here.