Using Voice Recognition to IM on the iPhone & Blackberry

Recently, the makers of IM+ integrated the Yap voice recognition service for their application. As a mobile user who’s constantly on the go, this is a very nice feature, especially in states where texting while driving in illegal. With this recent update, I can finally continue to chat with people on my gTalk account while I’m on the move.

So far, I’m fairly happy with the application. There are some rough spots with regards to performance, but I hope IM+ will have those ironed out shortly. For $0.99 a month, it’s not a bad deal.


Yap Me. Say what?

A few years ago a couple of buddies of mine, Igor and Victor Jablakov, decided that they could make a cool voice-to-text mobile phone internet gateway. Of course, I chuckled and said; good luck with that. Well, to my delight they’ve succeeded (I should have known since Igor’s background is in Voice Recognition at IBM). A few short weeks ago they were on the stage at TechCrunch 2004 and showed their stuff. So far, the feedback has been outstanding. I think everyone is falling over them selfs for this stuff.

So, what can a speech gateway do? Well, a few applications could be; text messaging, blogging, updating twitter, searching for a restaurant, etc… all via your voice. This sounds a lot better to me so I’m not stuck messing around with T9. Ugh. Check it out at

Also, make sure to check out their demo; very cool.